Once upon a time, there was a business owner called...

[your name here]

They were frustrated because their website wasn’t doing much for their business.

One day, they met Amy Dudbridge from Your Site Matters

Amy explained what the problem could be…

Amy Dudbridge

Founder & Director

Amy Dudbridge

Founder & Director

Amy explained that, "your website is like the centre of a bicycle wheel"

Why? Because whatever marketing you’re doing, your website is a focal point for people to find out more and to see if you’re the real deal.

There could be a problem though…

"Uh oh, what problem?"

“You have to keep in mind,” Amy said, “that if the centre of your wheel is weak, faulty or broken, or even worse – missing (!), the whole wheel is going to buckle and fail.”

“Oh,” they thought.

“My wheel must definitely be broken then. I’m running around putting all this work in but it’s all for nothing when my website is doing diddly-squat for my business!”

"Don't Panic," Amy said. "We can help!"

“How?” They asked.

“When you first came to me, you said you saw your website as a presence, a “shop window”,” Amy explained.

“So, let’s imagine your website is a shop…”

"Ask yourself these questions..."

“There’s another way you could think about it too,” Amy said.

“Imagine you need to go to the dentist – you won’t want to go to the iffy-looking back alley one!”

Amy then said, "Even if you have a small or startup business, we can help."

Your Site Matters has worked with all kinds of businesses, large and small. Amy explained, “The principles we apply work the same, whatever the business and whatever their budget.”

“We focus on finding out which ones will work best for you now, but also keeping in mind how your needs might change in the future as your business grows.”

"Right!" you say. "I need to do this! What's the next step?"

“Well,” Amy said, “we find out more about you, your business, your goals, your big dreams… and what’s stopping you from getting there.”

“We book a Discovery Call for this…”

"Great!" You say. "Then what?"

“That’s the exciting part!” Amy said. “I then come up with a solution to help you solve your challenges!

Here are the steps…”

Our 3 simple steps to create a winning website

1. Find Challenges

Not enough leads or visitor conversions? No contribution to your sales? Recruitment challenges? Not enough people finding your site? Website behaving badly? We identify what's missing and what's holding you back.

2. Find Fixes

Creating landing pages, in-depth user and technical testing, fixing/re-building your existing site, or something brand-spanking new to take your website to the next level. There's an approach we can take no matter your budget.

3. Find Customers

We provide training, support and maintenance to help you make the most of your now brilliant website, AND we help you work out the ways that work best for you to boost your site visitor numbers to help get you more customers!

"This sounds really exciting," you say. "Can I see some of your work? Can I read some reviews?"

“Sure!” Amy said. “Here’s our portfolio, and you can read reviews from our clients too.”

"Do you have any reviews I can read first?"

“Of course,” Amy says. “You can read all our reviews here, and you can take a look at some of our project case studies to see how we’ve helped other business owners like you get websites that get them results.”

"I have some more questions before we go ahead."

“Not at all,” Amy reassures you. We’re here to provide support and training along the way. This is always included. 

“Absolutely,” Amy says. “Your site is yours and we never restrict access to it. The only exception is if you specifically ask us for a restricted login for a user who doesn’t need to do anything more than put a blog post on, or something like that. You always have a “master” login though.”

“Yes,” Amy says. “It’s highly reliable and comes with a free security certificate so web browsers don’t stop people accessing your site. It’s flexible too – you can choose to pay monthly or annually depending on what suits you best.”

“This is really important,” Amy confirms. “It’s a big part of keeping your site secure and fully functional. We offer a range of maintenance support packages that you can pay for on a monthly basis – we never tie clients in for long contracts.”

“We certainly can!” Amy says. “We provide a professional business email account for just £6/month per mailbox. Sometimes though, one mailbox is fine and you can create “alias” email address that all link back to that one. It means you can use your name for the main email address and then have other ones like hello@ or info@ that all come to your one mailbox. This works well for many of our clients.”

“This is the beauty of WordPress,” Amy says. We can add these things at a later date and you have a choice as to which system best meets your needs. Our websites are all built in a way that these things can be added on easily at a later date, without breaking the website.”

"I get it now," you say. "My business wins when my website wins business!"

“Exactly!” Amy replies. “I can’t wait for us to get to work!”

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